Serve Your Parish

Small Church Leader 

To strive toward our Parish Vision of creating a sense of “Belonging” for parishioners, we are encouraging the formation of new small faith-sharing groups while we continue to offer support to groups that already exist.  If after careful and prayerful consideration you feel called to lead such a group, please let us know!  The leader of such a group needs no other qualification than the desire to be a host, the willingness to organize a meeting time and place, and the desire to be with others to encourage the faith journey.  St. Jude can help you start a small faith-sharing group with multiple resources and ideas!     

Parish Office Volunteer Receptionist

The parish uses volunteers Monday through Friday to man the phones and help with special projects.    If you are able to commit to a weekly schedule there are two shifts 9am to 1pm and 1pm to 4:30pm.   If not sign up to be a substitute or someone the parish staff calls on when some special project comes up.

Festival Booth Captains 

A successful festival requires many people to captain the booths.    There are several meetings before the festival to outline the duties of a chairperson, but it often involves insuring your volunteers are there, and making sure they know how to run the booth.   

Help with Buildings & Grounds Projects 

You never know what the need might be.  It could be painting, cleaning, relocating, building etc.  If you sign up for this group you will be called when the need arises and you can respond when you are available.   Please tell us if you have a specialty.


You can work as little or as much if you would like.  If interested in regular work you could be assigned an area of the parish grounds.  If you only want to work occasionally your name will be added to a call list.


If you volunteer to help with photography you will be asked to snap a few pictures at a parish event and then send them in to the parish office for use in our many communications.  You may be just let the staff know you are attending something and can take pictures.   It is a very fluid opportunity that connects the whole parish to what is going on.

Provide Transportation to Church/Doctor 

Volunteering to help in this way will put your name on a call list and you will be contacted when someone asks for help


Mercy Meals help Serve a Meal or Bring Food

When a death occurs family members are suddenly faced with many tasks and decisions that must be handled. One way we can minister to families dealing with the loss of a loved one is to offer them a gathering place and a meal after the funeral services. Please let us know if you can be called upon to donate an item or assist with serving the meal.

Eucharistic Ministers to Homebound

Contact: Bil Danner - 786-4371 or      

This very special ministry brings the Eucharist to those who are unable to come to Mass. It also provides an opportunity to bring a friendly hello and word of encouragement to members of our St. Jude community who may not be able to visit with friends as they once did.

Meals for Families with Special Needs

There are times when taking care of the ordinary needs of a family become too much.   For example when someone is ill, birth of a new child or a sudden loss of a loved one.  That is when we ask members of this group to step in and bring this family one meal.  You can select the day to bring the family your special mea

MASS TIMES -Check our bulletin for updates

Weekend Mass

Saturday Anticipation - 5:00pm
Sunday - 7:30am, 9:30am, 11:30am

Weekday Mass 

Tuesday/Thursday - 6:00pm

Wednesday/Friday - 8:30am

Holy Day Mass

See Bulletin

Sacrament of Reconciliation Tuesday/Thursday 5:00-5:45pm Saturday 4:00-4:45pm

Anytime by appointment

Stations of the Cross

All Lenten Fridays - 6:00pm

(317) 786-4371

5353 McFarland Rd., Indianapolis, IN  46227