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Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

God invites his people to a new way of living, to a change of heart. The formal faith journey that leads to full communion into the Catholic Church is called the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).  RCIA is a process of conversion.  It is designed to be a journey of faith, to help one discern whether entering the Catholic Church is what is best for them. This journey of faith leads the inquirer towards a lifelong commitment as a disciple of Christ. This is accomplished through regular meetings with other inquirers to learn, pray and begin to experience what life in this community is all about.  In addition to these weekly meetings, rites will take place to punctuate the stages of the person's faith walk. This journey of faith leads the inquirer toward a lifelong commitment as a disciple of Christ, and if he/she so chooses, becomes a member of the Catholic Church. 

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How long does it take?

The RCIA is not a class or program. It is a process of conversion. It prepares one to embark on a journey of faith that leads to a lifelong commitment as a Catholic. This is not just for those who participate in the RCIA. All Catholics are called to daily conversion and renewal - to be on this faith journey.

The usual length of preparation is approximately one year. Some people may feel they need more time to prepare.  In most cases, the initiation of new members is celebrated at the Easter Vigil.


What takes place in the RCIA?

The RCIA involves 4 stages, each marked by a special ritual celebrating the person's deepening desire to say "yes" to living the Catholic faith.

  • The Inquiry - a time for searching for God, for meaning in life, or for asking initial questions and seeking answers about the Catholic faith.

  • The Catechumenate - a time of being formed by the gospel and of leaning more in depth about the Catholic tradition.

  • Purification & Enlightenment - a time during Lent of prayer and deeper reflection as one prepares to receive God's new life at the Easter celebration.

  • Mystagogia - a time after the Easter celebration to unfold the mysteries and deepen one's understanding of what it means to "become" Eucharist and live Christ's mission in our world

RCIA meets weekly on Sunday mornings and also on occasional Wednesdays.  (See schedule below)


For more information, contact

Bil Danner, DRE/Pastoral Associate


2019-2020 Schedule

Parish Center Basement (unless noted otherwise)

All are welcome -no reg.

Wednesday October 23, 6:30pm


Sunday November 3, 9:15am


Wednesday November 6, 6:30pm


Sunday November 17, 9:15am


Wednesday November 20, 6:30pm

 Liturgical Year

Sunday December 1, 9:30am

  Mary and the Saints

Sunday December 8, 9:30am

 Models of the Church

Sunday January 12, 9:30am

 Ten Commandments

Wednesday January 15, 6:30pm

 Holy Orders/Anointing

Sunday January 26, 9:30am


Wednesday January 29, 6:30pm


Sunday February 9, 9:30am  

Christian Virtues

Sunday February 16, 9:30am 

Church History

Sunday February 23- 9:30am 

Lent Explained 

Sunday March 1, 2:00pm

Rite of Election at the Cathedral

Sunday March 8, 9:30am

Prepare for First Scrutiny 

Wednesday March 11, 6:30pm


Sunday March 15, 9:30am

start in church

Scrutiny 1

Prepare for Second Scrutiny

Sunday March 22, 9:30am 

start in church

Scrutiny 2, Prepare for Third Scrutiny

Sunday March 29, 9:30am

in church

Scrutiny 3

Wednesday April 1, 6:30pm 

Ask Father

Sunday April 5- Palm Sunday, 9:30am

 Walk Through Holy Week

Saturday April 11- Holy Saturday

in church

11 AM Vigil Walk-through,

8 PM Easter Vigil

Sunday April 12- Easter Sunday

Sunday April 19 9:30am 

in church

Dominica in Alba, Divine Mercy, Mystagogy

Sunday April 26, 9:15am 


Usual Mass Times
Check our bulletin for updates

Saturday ~ 5pm

                    Reconcilliation 4p

Sunday ~ 7:30a, 9:30a, 11:30a

Monday ~ Communion Services

                   7a, 7:20a, 7:45a

Tuesday & Thursday ~ 6:00 pm

Wednesday & Friday ~ 8:30 am 


5353 McFarland Rd

Indianapolis, IN  46227

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