Marriage Preparation Information

The Sacrament of Marriage is a holy covenant whereby a couple is joined on their life's journey by God to bless, sustain, and rejoice in their union. At St. Jude, we celebrate the vocation of marriage by offering our guidance and encouragement to supporting a couple in their preparation for this sacrament and commitment of life.

The process for celebrating a wedding ceremony at St. Jude is the following:


  1.      One of the parties asking to be married needs to be an active Catholic and registered member of St. Jude Parish.

  2.      An initial appointment needs to be arranged with the Pastor before setting a date and beginning the marriage preparation process.  The couple needs to contact the Pastor at a minimum of six [6] months prior to a proposed date for the ceremony.  This initial appointment can be made by calling the Pastor at 317- 786-4371.

  3.      Couples will partake an Engagement Preparation Program through the parish, meeting approximately 6 times with a Sponsor Couple from the parish.

  4.      Couples are required to participate at an Archdiocesan Pre-Cana Session that takes place on a Sunday afternoon at Fatima Retreat Center.  Couples are also encouraged to partake in a TOBIT weekend for engaged couples at Fatima Retreat Center.

  5.      Upon completion of the above steps # 2, 3, 4 the couple will schedule a meeting with the Pastor to finalize a wedding date and time and begin making final preparation for the ceremony.

  6.      After the final meeting with the Pastor, the couple will schedule meetings with the Wedding Coordinator and

       Music Director (317-786-4371), who will work with them in finalizing details for the ceremony. 


Couples Enrichment


To enrich and strengthen marriage relationships, St. Jude also offers married couples programs for couples enrichment.  The core of the program is watching a video  or listening to a presentation that will inspire good conversation between you and your spouse, then spending some time together in conversation using discussion questions.  Some of these programs might include fellowship with the other couples sharing a meal.  Other events might include an all-day retreat to help couples spend extended time together strengthening their bond of marriage.  Watch the bulletin or website for details.


Retrouvaille Your Marriage

Retrouvaille ('re-tro-vi) simply means “rediscover.” The program offers a chance to rediscover yourself, your spouse, and a loving relationship in your marriage. The best gift you can give your family is a healthy marriage. Retrouvaille helps couples in disillusionment, misery, divorce, or any stage in-between. It is a not spiritual retreat, sensitivity group, seminar, or a social gathering. Visit us at

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