Community Prayer

Be moved to pity, O Lord, at our earnest prayer, and heal our illnesses of body and soul; so that experiencing thy mercy we may ever rejoice in the blessing.


We beseech you, O Lord, grant us a hearing as we devoutly raise our petitions to you, and graciously turn away the epidemic which afflicts us; so that all mortal hearts may recognize that you are Lord of Heaven and Earth, and hold us all in your loving hands.

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Virtual Mass

Livestreaming on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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To continue to grow with God, from anywhere.

Request Help

It's a difficult time for many. Let us know how our community can assist you. We will do all that we can.

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Now more than ever, we need to answer the call of being a Christlike neighbor to others. Thank you for serving.

St. Jude Career Support Group

Are you unemployed? Looking for a job? Trying to hire employees, but struggling to find them? On Sunday, April 26 from 7-8pm a virtual career support group will begin meeting weekly. Opportunities for networking and additional help will be provided by participants and multiple career planning professionals who will be present to answer questions. To sign up and receive a link to attend, email Beth Haggenjos. 



Livestream Mass Schedule:

  • Saturday at 5pm

  • Sunday at 9:30am

  • Wednesday and Friday at 8:30am


Our Masses are livestreamed on Facebook, so please make sure you “like” or “follow” our page. This is the best way of staying connected. However, you can watch and participate without a Facebook profile (or without logging in). We will post the link to the livestream on our website homepage when it is available, about 5 minutes before the scheduled Mass time.

Every Mass has infinite spiritual value, but having Mass from home is a different experience. Just like when at church, it takes some intentional effort to make it prayerful and more than just passive watching. Below are some tips on how to make it a prayerful experience.


Light of the World

With this pandemic and people being out of work, there are families facing true financial hardships. If that's you, know that our prayers are with you. As St. Jude staff, we understand the difficulty of that. We've had to slim down our budget expenses over the last few months. 

Our staff continues to work hard to provide for the needs of this community. We continue to offer communal worship in the Mass, care and attention to the sick and lonely, opportunities for you to connect and grow in faith virtually, and more. We have already heard from many of you sharing that these opportunities have been a beacon of light in your day-to-day!

But as you probably know, we rely heavily on your Sunday offerings to be able to carry out this mission and work - that is, the mission and work of Jesus Christ! That's why we're asking, if you're able, to please either mail in or drop off your weekly giving envelopes to the Parish Office (5353 McFarland Rd). Alternatively, you can sign up to give online at the link below.​ Your gift - no matter the amount - will create a glow for others to see and be blessed by. During this time of darkness, we need your light to make our St. Jude community a light to the world!

Thank you for your sacrifice. 



Local Resources:

Prayer & Study Resources:

  • - Like Catholic Netflix. This has many great films, scripture studies, and more, for people of all ages!

  • Magnificat - offering free online access to their publication during this time.

  • Livestream Adoration Chapels - Coming from churches around the world!

  • Word on Fire - Led by Bishop Robert Barron, this site has videos, blog articles, podcasts, and more.

  • Ascension Press - Several livestream opportunities each day: Mass, Rosary, bible studies, & more.

  • St. Paul Center - a hub for video studies, books, a podcast, and more from Scott and Kimberly Hahn.

  • The Sunday Website - a resource for diving deeper into prayer, the Sunday readings, and music.

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