Cherub Church

Children’s Ministries Programs On Hold

Our Cherub Church program is currently on hold. We do not have enough of our volunteer base willing to run these programs each Sunday due to coronavirus concerns.


Stay tuned for an update later this fall.


Cherub Church is our Sunday preschool program which is offered during the 9:30 a.m. Mass.  From the moment your child arrives they will be engaged in interactive activities. Our awesome adult and teen volunteers teach Bible stories through art, games and music to help children connect with the story of God. Cherub Church is offered to children aged three through kindergarten, during the school year with short breaks for holidays and Christmas. Children of appropriate age are welcome to join Cherub Church any time of the year, regardless of how often they participate. There is no fee for this program and no registration required.

This program offers an alternative to Mass for children. Please know that children are always welcome to attend Mass. Cherub Church is an option for those families and kids who are interested. Come check it out anytime and give it a try to see if it suits your child. Know that you may bring your child in before or during Mass, for any part or all of Mass. You are welcome to visit anytime with your child and even stay with them if you would like. Join in anytime - every Sunday or when your child is interested. No registration needed! Check your child in at the door with our adult volunteers. Look for the red Children’s Ministries shirts.

Check out our lesson plans for Cherub too:

Contact: Christie Denzer (317) 786-4371 or

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