Boys Basketball


Each player will be custom fitted for a uniform the 1st day of tryouts.  The uniform can be used until he grows out of it and/or needs a new one.  Cost of the uniform is $25.  Payment for uniforms will be due upon the player being fitted.  Checks should be made payable to St. Jude.  If you have purchased a uniform in the past, please try it on prior to attending try-outs to know if you need to purchase a new one.



If you are interested in coaching basketball this season, please contact Ryan Carrol.

Also, go to the St. Jude website and fill out a coaches application at the Athletic information page.

  • All Coaches (including assistants) must be Safe & Sacred certified before their team's first practice


Boys Basketball Tryout Process:

Before the season begins, the coordinators of this sport work diligently to assemble potential coaches to take on the approximate number of teams that we may have each season.  In order to be as fair and objective as possible in the player evaluation process, the coordinators gather a number of volunteers made up of coaches, former coaches and former players (HS and college level) and ask each, at the conclusion of tryouts, to provide their independent, confidential list of whom they would select for the A team.  Each player that is named on any one of the evaluators' lists is disclosed to the A team coach who then selects their team.


After the A team is selected, discussion ensues amongst the coaches, coordinators, and evaluators as to whether or not a particular division has participants that would best succeed or be better developed in the C division.  After this decision has been made (and possible players for this division selected), the remaining players fall within the B division and are split evenly in a snake draft type selection process.


This process has been used for the last 8+ years and has been successfully demonstrated by the success of our teams.  However, each season presents a different set of issues and this process remains fluid to benefit as many participants as possible.  Things considered in the past couple of years that may or may not have been implemented include multiple A teams, a B+ team, a developmental B team, multiple C teams, etc.  Overall, the goal is to create teams where the players are all of similar talent as possible so as to allow each participant to develop their skills in an enjoyable manner.


Contact Information and or questions:

Ryan Carroll

St. Jude Boys Basketball Coordinator




Usual Mass Times
Check our bulletin for updates

Saturday ~ 5pm

                    Reconcilliation 4p

Sunday ~ 7:30a, 9:30a, 11:30a

Monday ~ Communion Services

                   7a, 7:20a, 7:45a

Tuesday & Thursday ~ 6:00 pm

Wednesday & Friday ~ 8:30 am 


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