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Walking Toward Eternity by Jeff and Emily Cavins

What's Holding You Back?


Do anger, fear, or envy get in the way or your relationship with Christ? Are you ready for a change?

Walking Toward Eternity is an inspiring series designed to help participants live their faith more fully. Through daily prayerful meditation with Scripture (lectio divina), you will be drawn into an intimate and life-changing encounter with Christ.

Engaging the Struggles of Your Heart, the second series in the Walking Toward Eternity Program, is a challenging study that can open our eyes to obstacles in our Christian walk such as greed, envy, fear and shame. Through prayer, reflection, guidance, and the aid of the Holy Spirit, we begin to engage these difficulties in a positive way as we continue toward our goal of union with Christ.


Putting Your Faith into Practice…


This study introduces seven common struggles. You will learn how to engage your:  

Appetites, Shame, Envy, Anger, Fear, Loneliness, Hopelessness

Starts the Tuesday Night September 10 or Thursday Morning September 12

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