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Following the Life Teen Program at St. Jude

At St. Jude, we have based our Youth Ministry program on Life Teen, a parish-based initiative for high school teenagers that is used by more than 1200 Catholic parishes around the world.  We have also introduced EDGE, a national program for junior high kids, which is now used by almost 500 parishes.  We have also added Just Kids, our introduction to the youth program for fifth and sixth-grade students.  Our goal is to lead our teens to a closer relationship with Christ.


It's fun to learn about your faith with your friends.  Our hope is that every Youth Group, EDGE, and Just Kids gathering is not just fun, but also challenges you to go deeper in your relationship with God and to know more about your Catholic faith.  Our activities are high energy but also grounded in a well-developed curriculum.  Teens will grow, mature and be challenged in their faith while having fun, making new friends and learning to be leaders.


The Life Teen spirituality can best be understood through several core values such as joy, authenticity, affirmation, and evangelization, but the most important is Eucharistic Spirituality.  At the Last Supper, Jesus lifted up bread and wine and proclaimed to his disciples that he was offering His Body and Blood.  For over 2000 years, Catholics have continued this tradition by celebrating Mass and receiving Jesus in a unique way.  We at Life Teen believe that a solid Catholic faith must be centered on the Eucharist.  It is the source and summit of our faith.


Youth Mass

One of the most important part parts of the every Life Teen program, whose curriculum we follow, is the Youth Mass.  Key parts of a youth Mass is a welcoming atmosphere, reverent and relevant music, and an engaging homily that speaks to the issues in your life.  But most importantly, the youth Mass remains sacred and timeless.  We invite our parish youth and their families to attend our designated Youth Mass every Sunday at Noon.  All youth are invited to participate as greeters, lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, music ministers, gift bearers or servers.