Mission Statement

Called to be the Body of Christ to the world, the people of St. Jude Parish family strive to live out the moral values and teachings of the Catholic Church through celebration with and guidance from, our appointed shepherds in the Church.  Celebration of the Eucharist brings us into one with Christ.  From this liturgical celebration shall flow our unity; awareness and loving response to the needs of our brothers and sisters in our parish family; as well as, in the community around us.  Our total commitment as the Body of Christ, which gathers us into one enables us to serve the world through our various ministries.


Fr. Stephen Banet






Picture1fsbIt is often said that a person's first and lasting impression of what "Church" is, comes from one's parish experience. What happens in the life of the parish is where our relationship with God unfolds. How we experience God's presence in prayer and interaction with others in parish settings reveal the depth of our faith. The foundation of a parish stands upon Christ and His Gospel lived out in the traditions of our faith. However, a foundation is "underground". What is built upon it; reveals what is underneath. So, the testimony that a parish is truly founded upon Christ and His Gospel remains with its parishioners. They are who reveal "the face of God."

The warmth, openness, willingness to forgive and generosity of giving, volunteering and supporting those in need have shown me that St. Jude is truly founded on the principles of what a parish is called to be. I feel gifted to be a part of this community and I hope you will too.  Let us know how we can help you become involved in our parish.



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Fr. Stephen Banet




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To register as a new parishioner, please call the Parish Center at 317-786-4371 or registrations are taken after all Masses each weekend at the Welcome Booth in the Church Narthex.